Wusu & 4th

Lux to Live, Live to Love. 


Wusu&4th believes in 4 core principals, Luxury, Environment, Community and Love.


Luxury – At Wusu&4th, we believe that the quality of our garments should represent the quality of the people who are wearing them. Therefore, we take pride in our attention to detail regarding fit, fabric and style.


Environment – With our “Earth First” thinking Wusu&4th always considers style from an environmentally friendly perspective. Our goal is to thrive as a fashion brand by utilizing recycled sustainable materials and innovating new ways to leave a minimal carbon footprint on the planet.  Sustainability, luxury and quality all go hand-in-hand


Community – As we do good, we look good, and we feel good. Wusu&4th dedicates 15% of every item sold to supporters in health, community, and environmental growth. While we strive to look our best, we also aim to be the liaison between the fashion industry and causes we care deeply
about. Giving back to under privileged communities and health awareness organizations are an essential part of the important to Wusu&4th brand. We are where fashion meets community. 


Love – Love is the foundation for all things we do, create and stand for at Wusu&4th. We believe that in order to be the self-assured confident cool kids that we naturally are, we must live to love, and embrace the individuality of ourselves and others within the big broad world we live in.  Fashion is not only how we look but how we feel. 


Wusu & 4th Jumsuit

Wusu & 4th

Meaning: Mighty Warrior (Nigerian Badagry Tribe)

Born and raised in the California Bay Area, Lola Wusu comes from a traditional Nigerian-American family. The youngest of four tight knit brothers and sisters, Lola learned early on the importance of confidence and self love. Lola began her fashion career in 2006, studying fashion design and merchandising, and working with celebrity stylists and costume designers. Her one-of- a-kind designs and personal styling have graced numerous red carpets. Now with the launch of Wusu&4th , Lola has created a stunning ready-to- wear line, which merges her beliefs in embracing individuality through style and her lifelong commitment to giving back. The family name Wusu means “mighty warrior” and that’s exactly who this line is for; those mighty warriors for whom fashion meets community, for those who want to look good, do good, feel good. Every. Single. Day. Just like Lola.




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